Examine 2.6 released with bug fixes and library updates

Examine is a feature-rich, intuitive and awesome Web Services Testing tool with a lot of useful features that make working with web services easier!

Check out its feature set below for more information!

SOAP web services client

Local and Remote WSDL based SOAP testing

SOAP Scenarios that group Request, Response, Security and Test Case configuration

Per soap scenario WS-Addressing, WS-Security configuration, SSL configuration

Use WSDL-based WS-SecurityPolicy for WS-Security testing

HTTP and SOAP/JMS testing

SwA/MTOM attachment support

REST web service client

Simple but powerful REST testing

Rest Project with Root and Sub Resources

Per resource ssl, attachment setup

Per resource test case configuration with default assertions

Mocking SOAP web services

Import a new WSDL document from a URL or file, or use an existing SOAP client project to create a new Mock SOAP Project

Use default or custom mock response

Return SOAP fault response

Enable or Disable specific ports (endpoints) within SOAP service

Apply WS-Security configuration (inbound / outbound) for all ports in a service

Publish and share Mock Service project endpoints (unique to each user)

Mocking REST services

Easily create a hierarchical resource structure with root resources and sub resources

Configure each resource endpoint, request and response content types

Configure the mock resource to return no content, fixed content or file-based content to the caller

Setup the response HTTP metadata details

Enable / Disable each root resource or sub-resource independently

Dynamic Mock Resource Responses

Send dynamic responses to the client based on the request details!

Create complex dynamic rules using AND, OR, NOT or
Request Criteria (Path, Query, Matrix, Cookie parameters, HTTP headers or Response Body contents) conditions

Add multiple rules to each method and enable / disable rules that should be evaluated at runtime

SOAP and REST Test Suites

Manage all your SOAP and REST service tests as Test Suites that you can schedule to run at later with flexible Quartz-scheduler based scheduling!

Create Test Suites for both SOAP Scenarios and REST Resources

Simple and Cron-based persistent schedule

Test Suite completion email notification

Keystore Management

Manage all your keystores in a single location. Quickly import, rename, manage private keys and X.509 certificates

Import keystores (.p12, .jks)

Manage private and public keys (X.509 certificates)

Unified keystore access for both SOAP and REST testing

Global Security Configurations

Manage all your security configurations in a single place and re-use them across services easily

Strong WS-Security support for SOAP Testing

Reusable global WS-SecurityPolicy and Non-Policy configurations

SOAP Scenario specific policy and non-policy configurations

WS-SecurityPolicy support

Use policy present in WSDL for automatic security enforcement

Reuse existing WS-SecurityPolicy across SOAP Scenarios

Configure Request/Response/Request+Response policy enforcement

Non-Policy WS-Security

Setup WS-Security manually by configuring security assertions

Configure Request only, Response only or Request+Response

Export the security settings as a global configuration

Reuse global configurations across SOAP Scenarios

Global WS-Policy Management

Manage WS-Policy files in a central location

Import and edit WS-Policy files

Use WS-SecurityPolicy files for applying WS-Security to SOAP scenarios

Security Token Service (STS)

Examine comes with a built-in Security Token Service (STS) based on the JBoss PicketLink project that is very handy when doing any SAML/WS-Trust related testing!

Set up request and response WS-Security for the STS service

Issue SAML 1.1 and 2.0 Tokens

Configure WS-Security for WS-Trust RST and RSTR

Unique STS endpoint for each user logged in

Enable/Disable STS service endpoint on-demand

WS-Trust / STS client

Create and Send WS-Trust RequestSecurityToken (RST) requests to STS Endpoints

Configure RST request elements

Use STS Endpoint WS-SecurityPolicy to enforce WS-Security for RST and RSTR

SAML 1.1 Token Generator

Quickly hand-craft a SAML 1.1 Assertion to test SAML-based services

Sign generated Assertion using pre-configured Keystore key


Examine comes with a handy OAuth2 Token tool that can be used to obtain OAuth2 Access and Refresh tokens
from compliant OAuth2-based service providers and access resources using obtained token

OAuth 2 Access & Refresh Token Tool

Supports the 4 Authorization grant mechanisms

Authorization Code Grant
Implicit Grant
Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant
Client Credentials Grant

Comes with built-in callback endpoints for the Authorization Code Grant (/OAuthCallback) and Implicit Grant (/OAuthImplicitGrantCallback.html)

OAuth2 token based Resource Access

Verify that you can access the resource using the obtained Access Token and specifying the HTTP details (like method, endpoint, content type)

Send binary content to resource endpoint using File upload option

XML Signature Generator

Produce Enveloped / Enveloping style of digital signature

Specify XPath expressions to sign specific document nodes

Specify advanced signature generation options like signing / digest / c14n algorithm

XML Signature Validator

Verify Signature in XML document using key in signature, public key / truststore

New in v1.1.0+ is the ability to sign XML documents to produce XML Digital Signatures as specified in the XML Signature Syntax and Processing specification: http://www.w3.org/TR/xmldsig-core/

XML Schema Validator

Validate XML content against saved XML Schemas/ Validation Scenarios

Create Schema Validation Scenarios that combine multiple schemas

Upload and manage single XSDs or XSDs with relative imports/includes

XPath 1.0 Evaluator

Test XPath 1.0 expressions against XML content

XSL Transformer

Quickly test XML transformations using XSLTs

Save XSLTs to do XML transforms later

XML Schema Instance Generator

Generate XML instances from XML Schemas

Select from available Schema Root Elements

Configure XML generation options like Optional Attributes, Elements, Max depth etc

JSON XML Converter

Convert JSON string in BadgerFish / Mapped Convention to XML
Configure BadgerFish / Mapped convention options

Convert XML to JSON using BadgerFish / Mapped Convention
Configure BadgerFish / Mapped convention options


Email and Jabber/IM Integration for notifications

User Management
→Administrator vs Normal user roles
→Manage User Session

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