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Please make sure that you have read and understood the Examine End-User License Agreement (EULA), before downloading your trial version. If you have any questions related to your evaluation or purchase, please contact our Support Team.

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Examine Version 2.6 [Format = .zip | Size = 83,867,208 bytes] Download

Usage Instructions:

  1. Extract downloaded .zip file in desired location on file system; This will extract the folder contained within the zip file in this directory (e.g. examine-2.5)
  2. Change to this directory
  3. Ensure Java 7 or Java 8 executable (java or java.exe) is present on the command-line path (e.g $java -version should show the Java version)
  4. Ensure port 8080 is not in use as Examine uses this port by default  (Note: to use an alternative port, please see the product documentation here or under examine-2.x.x/war/docs/ folder)
  5. Execute either start_examine.bat or depending on your environment
  6. Open the URL: http://localhost:8080/ in your browser and login with the default credentials: admin/admin
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