Testing Web service applications, much easier now with our all-new Examine 

> A web-based functional web services testing tool

> Useful for testing SOAP and REST web services

> Good support for WS-Security functionality testing


Handy with many Integrated Testing tools like

> XML Schema Validator,  XML Schema Instance Generator

> XPath evaluator

> XSL Transformer

> JSON to XML and XML to JSON Converter

... and much more...

> Supports automatic polling & manual refresh.

> Tail multiple local / remote log files at once in separate windows or     tabs.

> View Log files on Remote SSH servers

> Filter / Highlight lines thus enabling hide /show only matching lines

> Bookmark log files or line mark messages for quick reviews.

> Line Warping

> Search files in incremental forward or backward directions... setting      starting search positions (Top, bottom, middle or selected line)

> Clear / Reload views

> ... and many more useful feature

A Local and Remote Real-Time Log File Viewer and Monitoring Application for Mac OS X

Price: US $ 14.99

Our core expertise fields involve

> Web Services development and testing.

> Developing apps for the Mac OS.

Stratumsoft begun with an idea and an inspiration to provide products that could help others accomplish their goals in a quick and easy way. It was borne out of the bare necessity that testing tools should be “User-focused and not technology focused”.


We created Examine (our flagship product), which is a web-based Web Services testing tool with integrated and useful XML tools with the goal of providing a viable alternative to the current desktop-based GUI tools.


We are an experienced team of Software Engineers and Testers with many years of experience in building, testing and supporting server-side applications, especially Web Services-based systems. 


Stratumsoft aims to adopt and upgrade its technology base with advanced design and development strategies to build user friendly and cost effective software solutions. The development of the next-gen versions Web Services testing tools are  underway and should get released soon. We promise to avoid "Software Bloat" and deliver only the features that would best serve our customers' interest.


Stratumsoft believes in strong fundamental business ethics and culture - Honesty, Passion, Commitment, Transparency and Trust. We strongly believe in putting the customer first. 

We will strive hard to provide you with best-in-class products and promise to innovate continuously with passion and perseverance without compromising on Quality.

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